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Lights Tour Poster: The Process

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For AP 2D Design in high school, I dedicated half of my portfolio on the exploration of light painting. Light painting consists of long shutter speeds on the camera and literally just painting with light. It’s really fun and interesting to see the outcome of the picture. Not one image is the same. I used different types of techniques for lights, such as pen light, cell phone lights, fireworks, and even tying a light to a string and swinging it around.

A requirement for portfolio 1 at the Art Institute is to have a piece that showcases your experiment with type. I didn’t want to build a face with typography which a lot of students were doing for their portfolios. I decided to get back in the grind of light painting and have fun with this project.

I found a client that would be appropriate for this project. I chose a band called Lights, solely on the name itself. I decided to do a poster for her upcoming winter tour. After deciding on the client, I gathered my camera and my trusty iPhone and turned off the lights in my living room. Increased the shutter speed, turned on my ‘Light” iPhone app, and painting out the letters.

I got some really good results, and was pretty happy with the outcome. After getting these images in to photoshop and cleaning up the images a bit, here’s the final result. One without the application, and one with the application.

Overall, it was fun getting back in the grind of some light painting photography. And I was lucky enough to find a client that the experimental type project applied too. I’ll maybe send this to Lights and see what they think.

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  2. Sidney says:

    This is so cool, Arry! Nice job :)

  3. Doug Sheets says:

    Nice! It turned out really well. Much better than the standard faces you see coming from that portfolio requirement.

    Now I am going to go and give it a try!

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